What Will Happen if You Don’t Wash your Hands Regularly?

As every person knows, every organism can get infected by a virus or bacteria. In this case we are going to be talking about us – humans. Overall, we are very strong, but when we get sick, it can get serious. These are the top 5 infections/diseases you can get if you don’t wash your hands:


Staphylococcus is a bacterium found on your skin and nostrils. If it gets inside an open wound, it can cause inflammation and an infection. From the surface of your skin, it can travel all the way to your joints and eventually to your organs. This can cause blood poisoning which makes you weak and very tired, but there’s a way to fight it off – just wash your hands, especially when you have a wound(s) on your hands or body.


At this point everybody knows what coronavirus is so I’ll keep it brief. Coronavirus is an airborne infection – spreads by air when you sneeze, talk, sing or cough. This virus is very similar to a flu, it causes similar symptoms like fever, cough, tiredness, headache and difficulty breathing. Recently this virus has been leading to many deaths but throughout the years the mortality will drop due to a virus mutation, medicine or immunity to it.


An inflammation of the eye that can evolve into an infection. This is usually caused by bacterial or viral infection and it’s contagious. As uncomfortable as pinkeye can be, it rarely affects your eye-sight and it can be healed in no time. Redness in one or both eyes, itchiness, a discharge that forms a yellowish crust during the night (may prevent your eyes from opening in the morning), and tearing – these are the symptoms of pinkeye but remember that both eyes don’t have to be necessary infected at the same time

Hepatitis A

This is an infection of the liver that can cause severe symptoms like abdominal pain (stomach pain), liver pain, fever and tiredness. This disease is mainly transmitted by not washing hands after using the toilet, but also by consuming large amounts of alcohol and toxins. The best way to prevent hepatitis is to get vaccinated.


Knowing about this is not only useful but also important. Getting sick is not the best feeling and we should always try to avoid it. That’s why washing your hands is essential to your health and well-being.

Leire Matilla Orella


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