Tik Tok, what is going on with you?

“Will I be able to watch my favourite Tik Tok influencers?” - This is a question EVERYONE asks themselves everyday, but why are we so scared?

In the world of technology, a big thing has happened recently. USA was going to ban Tik Tok. Most of you probably know what Tik Tok is, but for those who have been living under a rock for the past few years, here is a quick explanation. Tik Tok is a Chinese app where you can post short videos with music in the background, or without if you are courageous.

The tensions in the USA’s relationship with China might have added to the drama surrounding the apps' existence in the States. Chinese law requires domestic companies to "cooperate" with the state's security efforts. This fact, and the growing popularity of Tik Tok, raised concerns about the Chinese government's influence over the app and its access to American users' data. The US government subsequently decided to ban downloading and updating the app with possibilities of further restrictions in the future.

Fortunately for all Tik Tok lovers, two American companies made a deal with the Chinese app preventing the government from banning it. Oracle, a company, which sells database and software, is set to become Tik Tok’s secure cloud provider and get the 12.5% stake as a minority investor, whilst Walmart purchased 7.5% stake and will use Tik Tok for advertising and promotion.

Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg is the man who will lose the most from this deal. The Facebook’s founder has already launched “Instagram Reals” which are an equivalent of Tik Tok, yet with the Chinese App not being banned, it seems unlikely that users will switch to Instagram.

In conclusion, we should not be so worried of USA’s plans about banning Tik Tok. Even though Poland likes to copy from America, the app is after all our President’s favourite, making it unlikely for similar restrictions to be introduced. And even if it does get banned, perhaps it will be a good reason for a trip to a country with no ban and another perk added to a holiday abroad.

Antoni Michiewicz





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