Spooky story

Rozstrzygnęliśmy konkurs na opowiadanie z dreszczykiem: "Spooky story". Wygrali Marta Mycielska z klasy 8 oraz Olivier Kowalczyk z klasy 2 pre DP. Gratulujemy i zapraszamy do zapoznania się ze zwycięskimi opowiadaniami!!!

It was a normal day. I woke up, it was Sunday. I looked out the window, it was gathering for storms. There were black clouds everywhere and a gusty wind was blowing. "Hmm, perfect day to play!" I thought turning on the computer. Immediately after switching it on, I noticed that the weather outside worsened. Thunder began to bang outside the window, and the sky darkened even more, it looked as if some force was sucking all the light from the world. Suddenly the lights went out all over the house. Everywhere except on my computer screen. From there, a very strong and sharp white light came out. There was a weird noise in the headphones. But just as I decided to go check the electric breakers something extraordinary has happened. Text appeared out of nowhere on the screen. There were red inscriptions interspersed with various strange photos. One of them was very memorable so I was able to redraw it.

After a while the screen went black and the storm softened a little so I went out of the apartment to check the electric breakers. As it turned out, one of them has burned out and after replacing it everything has returned to normal, or so I thought. After a few hours around 2 p.m. strange things started to happen, I would even say paranormal. The first thing were the whispers. You could hear them all over the house, but most were in the kitchen. They didn't say anything specific but gave me the goosebumps. Outside the window the storm was still raging so I concluded it may have been just a whistling wind. As it turned out later, I was really wrong. Another phenomenon was difficult for me to explain. It was very cold in my kitchen, I even thought I was about to freeze. However, knowing that it was late fall and that the heating has not been turned on everywhere, I explained it with the weather changing outside by saying to myself "as it has just stopped raining, it is obvious that it will get colder". I also noticed that my kitchen sink was full of dirty, smelly and brown water. This was strange because the water had been filtered several times throughout the block of apartments and it has never happened to anyone before. I reported it to the administration and stopped worrying about it. Early in the evening I heard the doorbell. After a long thought, I decided to open it. It turned out to be my neighbour, Marek. As soon as I opened the door, I noticed that he was very stressed. "Hey do you remember that storm?" he asked. I replied that it was obvious that I do remember it since only an hour passed from the moment it ended. "Did any strange things start to happen during this storm?" It was at that moment that I started to worry. After a moment's thought, I invited my neighbour inside and told him about all the events that bothered me today. When I finished, Mark all pale said, “I know how it will sound, but please listen to me.".

Then he started telling me a story. In short, his family has been interested in paranormal phenomena for generations, and despite frequent distrust, they managed to find ghosts, and this storm was a sign. A sign that great evil has begun to circulate in our world. It is the ghost of Davis Brown. A very cruel man, whose spirit goes out of the worlds to wreak havoc every 100 years. Each time it appears, it is heralded by a huge storm, so dark that it seems to suck light from the rooms. And his return to the world of the undead ends up with a pyramid of corpses. Fortunately, I found out that Marek had been preparing a long time to eliminate this creature once and for all.

Then it hit me. It was only since this storm that strange things started to happen in my apartment. Even though I was not a very exaggerated person, I immediately believed him. As soon as the neighbour heard this, he ran to his apartment to bring all the things he would need to get this creature out of this world. Upon his return, he had with him:

- golden crucifix

- salt

- an old book

- two flashlights

- thermometer

He immediately began to explain to me what he needed these items for. It turned out that this spirit was very sensitive to sacred artifacts, and the golden crucifix was one of the most powerful artifacts in the world. Then Mark explained to me that salt had very powerful effects against ghosts. It burns them, holds them in place and most importantly causes them to lose most of their skills, so it's a must for every encounter. The book turned out to be some kind of an activator, and when you read it, all the artifacts that were nearby became even more powerful than before. Flashlights were needed to see with the lights off, because ghosts often liked to turn the lights off in order to distract and attack humans by surprise. The thermometer, on the other hand, was very important because it allowed you to find out where the ghost mainly was. When they are in one place, it is very likely that they have just recently broken into our world and are replenishing their energy. By staying in one place, they make the temperature of a given room often drop to temperatures below zero. When I heard that, I immediately knew where the ghost was. I mentioned to Marek that my kitchen recently got very cold, so he told me to take a thermometer and check it. Upon entering the kitchen, I immediately knew it was there. It was freezing cold. When I looked at the thermometer, I noticed with horror that it showed -5 degrees. After this discovery, I went back to Mark and gave him my report. Knowing where the ghost was, we started our preparations. In front of the door, according to the instructions, I sprinkled quite a lot of salt and spread it so that it covered the entire floor. I put a crucifix on the table and prepared a book. After the sun went down, Mark and I turned on our flashlights, turned off the lights in the house, and started summoning the ghost. It was easier than I thought. We just shouted "Davis Brown!" or "Show yourself Davis Brown!" After a short time, I noticed that our flashlights started to blink. Marek looked at me knowingly. He took the book in his hand and I took the crucifix. We were ready. Then I looked into the kitchen and almost run away immediately. On the other side there was a silhouette staring at us.

Mark saw it too and it was obvious that he was also very afraid. As the flashlights started to blink even more and we lost sight of him, we noticed that it started to move closer and closer towards us. Then I heard a scream. It was the worst and loudest scream I had ever heard in my life. It penetrated me to my bones, and I'm sure I'll never forget it. Then I heard Mark start reciting the book, so I took the crucifix in my hand. I noticed that it suddenly got hot and began to emit a glow. Mark was still reciting the book, and the monstrosity has been pushing itself through the salt in a great pain but stubbornly forward. Then I heard an inner voice shouting "NOW !!!" and I knew what I had to do. I threw the crucifix at the ghost. Immediately after the contact, I heard another scream, but this time it only lasted a few seconds. Then there was silence. I opened my eyes and saw what was left of the ghost. A pile of ash mixed with the salt on which this time laid a red-hot crucifix. We did it. Mark and I cleaned up the salt and ash and cooled down the crucifix. We checked the kitchen and all other rooms in my apartment and luckily everything was back to normal. No whispers, full sinks or unusual temperatures has been found. I hugged Mark thanking him for his help and after saying goodbye, I decided to go back home, had a cup of tea and went to sleep. It was enough paranormal phenomena for one day.

Olivier Kowalczyk


Around 4:00 PM I got this strange feeling of curiosity and anxiety. After work I got into the car, and instead of going home I went to the outskirts of the city. I stopped my old jeep in front of a shop with the „ decorative plants” sign written on the wall. I walked inside. The first thing I saw when I crossed the threshold was a majestic plant with huge, fleshy leaves. I had a feeling, that I have to buy this thing. „It’s a monstera deliciosa” Said the seller, looking for the price tag on the plant pot. „It grows damn fast. So fast that you can even hear it grow. Before you know it, this monster will be the one in control” he smiled and winked at me. I didn’t smile back. I took my new purchase, and returned to the car. As I stuffed the huge leaves in the backseat, I felt a great, sickly satisfaction which overwhelmed me.

One day I realized my gecko called Elizabeth was lost. In theory there was nothing weird

about that. Elizabeth would sometimes disappear, which I believed was her way of getting some Freedom. After a few days I would find her, back in her terrarium. This time, however, she did not come back. I started to wonder if the lizard escaped through the sewers, or did she decide to go hunting for the cockroaches in the living room at night. After 4 weeks of Elizabeth’s absence, I decided to investigate her disappearance. Before I went to bed I positioned my phone so that the screen would cover the entire living room, from the door all the way to the corner where the monstera stood. Then I went to sleep. I thought, „If Elizabeth really decided to go hunting for bugs, she definitely would be captured in the video”. The next morning I sat down on my sofa, and watched the first 15 minutes of the video. I did not see Elizabeth. However, I noticed that there was a soft, hollow, creaking sound on the video. Was it the monstera making noises as she grew? I sighed, and I turned on the „accelerated pace” and I watched the rest of the video. Suddenly I felt my whole body go numb. That, what a moment ago sounded like a soft screeching of a growing monstera, in the accelerated version, merge into a frightening, robotic voice „I... am... behind... you...”,every syllable was spoken slowly and clearly.

I got up and I pushed the sofa aside, with trembling hands. There were roots behind the sofa, hundred, thousands of white threads. In the middle of this tangle, I saw my gecko. Or maybe it is better to say, what was left of her. She looked more like a little mummy, then like a lizard. I quickly pushed the sofa against the wall. I looked at monstera and I thought, that she was staring at me, just as I was staring at her. What? Its madness, I’m crazy.

I went into the kitchen and I drank some water. „ I will not think about it” I said to myself. In fact I tried to not think about it. However, before I left for work I had left the camera set up in the same place as the night before. When I returned home I grabbed the camera, and I choose „ accelerated pace”. I felt like a Niagara of sweat, was running down my back, then I heard: „I will remember... to... kiss... you...goodnight...” l was convinced that I did not mishear myself. I didn’t water the monstera that evening.

That night I was awaken by a hollow creak. I got up, even though didn’t want to. I felt

like I lost control of my own body. I passed the corridor and I walked inside the living room. I saw a white tentacle crawling towards me, and I heard the robotic whisper of monstera „shhh... its time... to sleep...forever...”

„ good night...” I thought as the root entwined my ankle.

Marta Mycielska

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